A look at China’s recent spate of bond defaults

A look at China’s recent spate of bond defaults
China Business Review

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In 2020, around 40 Chinese companies defaulted on bonds worth $30 billion, which amounts to a 14% higher amount than in 2019, according to a Bloomberg analysis. At the end of last year, there were a number of fairly high profile and also unexpected bond defaults in mainland China. So we figured it’d be prudent to talk to someone who covers SOE debt and the relevant trappings in order to unpack what’s happening with these recent defaults, and what we can expect moving forward. To help us dig through these issues, we’re chatting with Tianlei Huang, a research fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

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Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson

Ian is the digital editor at the US-China Business Council. He hosts the weekly China Business Minute podcast and cohosts the China Business Review podcast. He also covers the Belt and Road Initiative for USCBC.

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