What to expect if you’re headed back to China

What to expect if you’re headed back to China
China Business Review

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As the COVID-19 situation in China has begun to stabilize, some people are considering heading back to China. What does that process look like? We wanted to get a more human perspective of what it can be like, so we gave Chris Miller a call. He’s a business advisory services manager working in our Shanghai office and he recently flew back to China from the US.
His personal experience adds some interesting color to the story of what returning to China is like. Obviously, regulations are changing rapidly and what was true for him might not necessarily be true for travelers today, but his story still provides the outlines of what one might expect.
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Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson

Ian is the digital editor at the US-China Business Council. He hosts the weekly China Business Minute podcast and cohosts the China Business Review podcast. He also covers the Belt and Road Initiative for USCBC.

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